Sunlight Island's Cup

SailEazy & Sycom

Call to thrill-seeking amateurs who love sailing:
get out there and race!


SailEazy and its partner, Sycom, have teamed up to offer you the Sunlight Islands Cup, a one-design competitive race for sailing amateurs (Pogo 30, First 30 JK, Sunfast 3200, Elan S3).

The flagship event of the Malmousque Sunlight Yacht Club, the Sunlight Islands Cup is your chance to set a record at any time of the year. Open to any and every kind of sailboat, and depending on the weather you choose to sail in, amateur sailors can set their own record in their own category. The departure point is located near Canoubier Turret and the Ile au Pendu (Hang Island) in front of Malmousque. Sail aport past the Pomègues, Ratonneau and Maire islands, wind around Riou Island and then, starboard, leave behind Maire Island before cruising along the finishing line between Canoubier and Hang Island. The race can also be done in the opposite direction.

24-hour open-air offer !



Welcome evening reception at the Old Port


Overnight stay on board in the heart of Marseille


Half-day training with exceptional skipper


Action photo shoot with specialist photographer, Antoine Beysens


Compete in the Sunlight Islands Cup with your exceptional skipper


Aperitif and debriefing at the Old Port


Fees for 5 participants:

30-32 ft. sailboat (Pogo 30, First 30, Sunfast 3200 or Elan S3): €500
Your skipper: €500
Registration: €300
Overnight stay aboard: included
Aperitif: included

©Antoine Beysens
©Antoine Beysens
©Antoine Beysens
©Antoine Beysens
©Antoine Beysens
©Antoine Beysens
©Antoine Beysens
©Antoine Beysens

Record times :

Classe 70-75 pieds, Lionel Péan SFS2 et son équipage :1h37.

Classe 40-45 pieds, Nicolas Magnan et son équipage sur plan Vaton 44 pieds :  2h36

Classe 30-35 pieds, Farbrice Merle et son équipage sur Pogo 30 : 3h28


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Lancez-vous dans la compétition maintenant !