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A flexible booking offers up to an hour before departure with no schedule constraints. Our sailboats are adapted to each programme, whether you sail independently or with a coach, leaving from iconic ports.


What do I need for registration ?

Register directly from the SailEazy app, with your email and password. A valid ID is mandatory. Your sailing licence is not required for registration but is necessary if you wish to rent boats that require a permit.
Registration allows you to rent SailEazy boats immediately via the mobile app. You can then choose to sign up to one of our plans.
L’inscription vous permet de louer les voiliers SailEazy immédiatement via l’application SailEazy, vous pouvez ensuite choisir de vous abonner.


Can I rent a boat without a membership ?

Yes! You can book a boat via the SailEazy app.
However, you will not enjoy all the perks of SailEazy’s self-service: the rates are higher, bookings need to be made at least 48 hours prior to departure and the cancellation policy is less flexible than for members.

What are the benefits of becoming a member ?

Memberships allow you to book a boat up to 1 hour before departure, enjoy advantageous rates and flexible conditions for changes and cancellations to your bookings. It also allows you to buy discounted credit packages for your outings.
Memberships are valid for all SailEazy bases. You can book boats in Marseille, la Rochelle, la Trinité-sur-mer, Lorient, Marseillan…
L’abonnement est valable sur toutes les bases SailEazy. Vous pouvez réserver des bateaux à Marseille, La Rochelle, La Trinité-sur-Mer, Lorient, Marseillan…

What are the membership plans for individuals ?

A LA CARTE: year-round sailing
SEAS-ON: sail from September 15th to June 15th
SUMMER: sail from June 15th to September 15th
Rates are listed on our website www.saileazy.com

Can I cancel my membership while my contract is still running ?

Memberships are a one-year commitment from the date of purchase. They will automatically be renewed on the anniversary date, unless you make a cancellation request via the SailEazy app, a month prior to the anniversary date at the latest.

How do GROUP memberships work for businesses ?

The company signs up to a GROUP contract, which gives access to SailEazy self-service boats to a number of members. For example, a GROUP 10 membership allows the company to manage up to 10 simultaneous members. The company funds the monthly membership to the GROUP 10 contract. Each member pays their membership at a discounted rate, for a one-year commitment.
Members can then book and pay for their outings directly on the SailEazy app. Should the company wish to, it can also allow members to book their trips via the company account.
Les abonnés peuvent alors réserver et payer leurs sorties directement dans l’application SailEazy. L’entreprise, si elle le souhaite, peut également permettre aux abonnés de réserver leurs sorties via son compte entreprise

I am a business. How can I register for a GROUP membership ?

Please contact our team by email at contact@saileazy.com or directly by phone: (+33) 04 84 25 62 97.

Can I sign up to the GROUP 3 plan if I am not a company ?

Subscribing to a GROUP 3 plan with your close ones is possible by getting in touch with SailEazy via contact@saileazy.com or by phoning (+33) 04 84 25 62 97.

Will I lose my membership if my company terminates its GROUP contract ?

No, your membership is valid for a year, even if your company terminates its GROUP contract. However, it will not be renewed on the anniversary date and you will need to purchase a new membership that is unrelated to your company.


Can I rent a sailboat independently, without a coach ?

When you book via the SailEazy app, you are “non-autonomous” by default and the “coach” option is mandatory for your outings. To sail autonomously, you must pass a skipper ability assessment. It consists of a 2-hour sailing trip with a SailEazy coach. The coach is offered free of charge to members, thanks to a promo code that is given to you upon becoming a member.

What do you evaluate during the skipper ability assessment ?

You will be aboard a sailboat from its place on the docks. The SailEazy coach will play the role of a crew member. You can be aboard the boat with up to two other crew members.
You will need to demonstrate your ability to:
– Know yourself and your own limits
– Give directions to your crew calmly, by naming each person
– Adapt your vocabulary without necessarily being technical
– Adapt to changing situations
The coach will verify whether this attitude is applied in the following manoeuvres:
– Harbour manoeuvres
– Exit from and return to your docking position
– Adaptation to traffic
– Sailing manoeuvres (tacking, jibing, reefing)
– Anchorage (picking the right place,, arrival, departure)

I have been sailing for a very long time, do I still need to complete a skipper ability assessment ?

Yes, the skipper ability assessment is compulsory.

How do I request to take the skipper ability assessment ?

The skipper ability assessment is booked via the SailEazy mobile app. When you book a sailboat, select “Skipper ability assessment” from the options menu. This is available for bookings of 2 hours or more. If you book a longer trip, the assessment will be done at the beginning of the trip.
If you are a member, coaching for the assessment is free thanks to the promo code sent to you in the confirmation email of your membership purchase.

What happens if I do not pass the skipper ability assessment ?

The SailEazy team helps you improve through tailored coaching offered by SailEazy or upon your request.
Talk to the SailEazy coach during your outing or get in touch with our team for coaching queries by email at contact@saileazy.com.
As long as you are not a confirmed skipper, the “coach” option on your bookings will be mandatory.

What happens when I’m a certified skipper ?

You can then sail independently on all SailEazy sailboats, excluding particular boats (Grand Soleil 43 JABADAO and TRICAT 30 BREVA).
Under your own responsibility, you can then invite as many crew members as you wish, within the limits of the manufacturer’s instructions as indicated on the ship’s manual.
You are responsible for checking the weather conditions prior to your booking. You can also enjoy training sessions with SailEazy coaches.


How long in advance should I book my trip ?

You are an autonomous member: you can book up to one hour before departure.
You are a non-autonomous member: you can rent a boat and a coach up to 48 hours before departure.
You are not a member: you can book up to 48 hours before departure.
The 48-hour period can be shortened upon request. For any last-minute requests, call the SailEazy team: (+33) 04 84 25 62 97.

How do I make a reservation ?

All bookings are made via the SailEazy app, available on the App Store or on Google Play.


How do I know where my boat is docked ?

Once you’ve made your reservation, you can find all the details in the “My sailings” section of the SailEazy app, including the location of your sailboat. Your boat may be moved on the docks which is why we will send you its exact location 2 hours prior to your booking, at the latest.

How do I access the boat ?

The access code to the pier is indicated in the “My sailings” section of the app.
Keys are available on the boat directly. SailEazy will tell you the exact location.

Will someone be there to welcome me on the docks ?

If you wish to be welcomed for your first trip, our team is available upon request. If you have passed your skipper ability assessment, you can rent the boat independently and can access it freely.
If you are not autonomous, the coach will be on the docks to welcome you.

What do I need to do to check-in ?

At the beginning of your scheduled booking, you are encouraged to check the inventory of the boat’s equipment in the app. If anything is missing or if the boat is damaged, you can notify us via the app.


Am I required to clean the boat and refuel upon my return ?

SailEazy cleans the boat after your return. However, we request that the boat be returned in a decent state of cleanliness and that the waste be disposed of.
Refuelling is also taken care of by SailEazy. However, we ask that the boat be returned with the tank ¼ full. You are required to refuel during your trip if necessary.

How do I report an issue during my trip ?

You can report events in the “reports” section of the SailEazy app.
For any information, you can call the SailEazy team: (+33) 04 84 25 62 97.
In the event of an emergency, contact CROSS by VHF on channel 16.

Will someone be present when I return to the docks ?

Our teams are available upon request. With no request from you, you will return the boat autonomously.
Before leaving the boat, remember to report any problem by making a report through the app or by contacting SailEazy.
SailEazy teams systematically inspect sailboats after every use. Damage or loss of equipment will be charged to the skipper.

What happens if I return my boat late ?

No penalty is applied for delays under 30 minutes.
Beyond that, you will be charged 75 euros per half hour delay.


How much do I pay to rent a sailboat ?

For sailing trips between 1 and 48 hours, SailEazy offers hourly rates that vary depending on the boat. A 24-hour day has a maximum of 6-hour rentals. For example, a boat whose fare is “from €80” will cost €240 for a 3-hour rental and €480 for 6 to 24 hours.
For rentals exceeding 48 hours, hourly rates decrease. You can look them up on the SailEazy mobile app.


How do credit packages work and what are they for ?

Credit packages can be purchased in the shop or on the app. They allow you to pay for your trips and your options, and benefit from discounts. For example, the €5,000 pack provides you 5,500 credits with €1 each, so you save 10%.

How long are my credits valid for ?

Credits are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

What happens if I cancel my membership ?

If you cancel your membership, unused credits will not be refunded and will be lost on your membership’s end date.


What is the amount of my deposit for a rental ?

A deposit of €3,000 is required for each outing. For regatta rentals, the deposit is €6,000. If you are sailing with a SailEazy coach, they are responsible for the boat. Therefore, you are not required to pay a deposit.

How do deposit retentions work in the event of a problem ?

The deposit will be retained partially or in full in the event of damage or loss of equipment upon your return. Damage will be recorded during check-out, which is carried out by our teams after each booking.


Can I change or cancel my reservation ?

ou can change the date and times of your booking for the same or longer period.
Prior to your trip, a reservation can only be changed once.
The modification and cancellation policies are different for members and non-members. They are described in the following table:

* Depending on successful skipper ability assessment or coach availability.
** Only departure and arrival date and time changes are possible for the same or longer durations. Reducing the duration of your booking is not possible. A reservation can only be modified once ahead of the trip.

Can I change the duration of my reservation during my trip ?

Yes, if the boat is available. You can add time to your booking via the SailEazy app.


I own a boat or am in the process of acquiring one. Can SailEazy manage my boat ?

If you would like SailEazy to manage your boat, please contact our sales department directly at gestion@saileazy.com or at (+33) 04 84 25 62 97.

If you have any other questions, please read our Terms and Conditions in the mobile app, or contact our team at appli@saileazy.com or by phone at (+33) 04 88 92 30 35.

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